Automatic Invoicing for Stripe

Invoicebus automatically generates invoices for your Stripe charges and delivers them to your customers. No code needed!

Connect your Stripe account to Invoicebus with a click of the button.
Customize your invoice template in seconds.
Let Invoicebus email a full invoice to your customer every time a Stripe charge occurs.


  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Batch invoice generation (for past charges)


  • Custom data & fields
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom templates (HTML/CSS)
  • Custom payment receipts


  • Selective invoice generation
  • Email automation (custom SMTP supported)
  • Detailed invoice & email tracking


Can I generate invoices for Stripe charges such as subscriptions or one-time payments?

Yes, you can automatically generate a full invoice for each successful Stripe charge, regardless the charge type. Invoice is created in real-time, as the charge happens.

Can I send PDF invoices for my Stripe charges?

Yes, Invoicebus can automatically convert each generated invoice to PDF and send it by email to your customer.

Can I generate invoices for past Stripe charges?

Yes, Invoicebus can generate invoices for Stripe charges made in any given period in the past.

What information is included on the Stripe generated invoices?

Invoicebus tries to extract as much information as possible from the Stripe charge. For example, it tries to retrieve the customer full name, customer address, customer email, invoice issue date, invoice total, description of provided products or services, period for which the invoice is issued (in case of recurring subscription), default currency, and more.

Can I include custom data to my invoices?

Yes. You can pass various parameters in the Stripe metadata object and display them anywhere throughout invoices and emails (by using simple placeholders).

Can I selectively generate invoices only for specific Stripe charges/customers?

Yes, you can flag certain Stripe charges and instruct Invoicebus to generate invoices only for them.

Can Invoicebus calculate and display taxes on my invoices?

Yes, it can display one tax per invoice, but the tax has to be inclusive (the total charge amount you pass to Stripe should include tax).

Can I customize the default invoice and email?

Yes, you can fully customize them with HTML/CSS to perfectly fit your colors and branding. You can also use your own SMTP server for sending emails.

Can I send custom payment receipts for Stripe?

Yes, this same functionality can be used for sending payment receipts that need to include custom data.

Can I customize Stripe invoices in my local language?

Yes, you can use your own wording and language to customize your invoices.

How much does it cost?

This functionality is included in the Double-decker plan and comes with a fixed monthly fee of $29.95. We also offer one-year and two-year subscription options for which we’re giving discounts of 16% and 30% respectively.